It’s Little Things- Random Acts of Kindness don’t have to be large or expensive

If someone were to ask you to share a story of a random act of kindness, what is the first thought that comes to mind?  Buying someone else’s coffee or meal or groceries.  While these acts of kindness are very nice and show generosity, there are so many other random acts that are performed every day that also qualify.

Kindness begins when you initiate an action for the good of another without expecting anything is return.

That opens up new doors into what these acts can be.  Speaking of opening up doors, this is a good example of a random act of kindness.  When you walk through a door of a building, do you look behind you to see if someone is coming in behind you? Or if someone is coming out, do you allow them to exit first?  If so, do you hold the door for them?  You do not have to be a man in order to open the door for someone else.

Compliments are a great way to show kindness to others also.

We have all done it, been walking by someone and noticed something about them that we liked, something they are wearing, their hair, eyes, or their smile.  Do you say something, or let them pass by?  Most of us probably walk by without saying anything, I mean how scary that can be to say something to someone else, and who knows how they will take it, especially if they are the opposite sex.  Will they think you are hitting on them or mace you, or call their lawyer?  Then there is also the possibility that they will just stare at you with this blank stare, causing an awkward uncomfortable silence, OR, you could make that person’s day.  Regardless of all the possible bad things that could happen, isn’t it worth taking the chance that you will have a positive effect on some else’s day, making someone smile?

I was walking into a business the other day, turned around to see a woman walking in behind me so I held the door open for her.  As she was walking in, she not only said “Thank you” but commented, in a very tasteful way, that I had nice legs. I smiled, said thank you.  This woman had no idea what my workout schedule was, that I’m a personal trainer, nor was she hitting on me or trying to sell me something.  It really made me feel good.  It is one thing to receive compliments from your friends and family, those who know you are working hard on staying in shape, but to receive a compliment from a complete stranger was, without sounding ungrateful to my friends and family, even nicer.

Research has shown that completing random acts of kindness can reduce anxiety, cause you to look and feel better through a “Helper’s High” and it is contagious. The reach of kindness is so large that even witnessing kindness is good for you. Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.

Have you witnessed a random act of kindness (RAoK), or have you carried out a RAoK? Let us know about it, we would love to share the story and help encourage others to continue to carry on these acts of kindness.
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