We are Vegas StrongWe work to change the lives of those who need it most in our VEGAS Community.

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@Vegas Strong: We understand that emotional, physical and psychological trauma is a normal part a many peoples’ lives and that if untreated or addressed, can have many negative side effects. We are here to unveil the strong person inside all of us, and to support you as you address the trauma that you have experienced.

Active Shooter training

(classroom & situation training)- If an unstable employee, ex-employee, or employee family member entered your workplace with a gun, would you know what to do? This is a serious question that every person should be able to answer with a resounding “yes.” Being prepared is the best tool for survival, for you, your co-workers and Family!

Face & Overcome Your Fears :

Fear is your own worst enemy. We start with minor fears, work through them and move up to larger fears and help you develop the confidence to face your fears head on.

Situational Awareness:

When you walk into a room, through a parking lot, in a building, how aware are you? If you had to close your eyes within 60 seconds, what would you be able to recall about the room? The people in it? Were there people with you, what were they wearing? Were there windows? Were they closed? Being aware of your surroundings can be the difference in experiencing a traumatic event, or preventing one.

Mentor & Coaching Program

Vegas Strong is more than just fitness and training. After experiencing trauma, we understand trusting others can be a challenge, and take time. With our Mindful Mentors program we want you to know that you have a safe and trusting person to speak with whose only goal is to help and support you as you make breakthroughs in healing from the effects of the trauma and develop a life where you are living to your full potential!

Strength Through Fitness Fitness Training as a team helps people bond and trust others and builds self-esteem and confidence.

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  • Post-Trauma Coaching/Mentor Program
  • Gratitude Group
  • Therapy dogs – Special visits and events*

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7 & Growing!

Our Vision is to have over 25 different programs and activities available in different areas (Arts, nature, physical fitness to name a few) that promote the healing process.

Over 2,000 Hours

Have been dedicated to program research and development of Vegas Strong, and we couldn’t do it without their help and support! Our volunteers and partners are truly Vegas Strong!

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