A disordered psychic or behavioral state resulting from severe mental or emotional stress or physical injury

The Mission Our Mission is to facilitate the healing process.

Through educational, physical & emotionally supportive programs for those who have experienced traumatic events

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The word Strong has several meanings, “possessing skills and qualities that create a likelihood of success.” “Powerfully affecting the mind, senses or emotions.” At Vegas Strong, we understand that emotional, physical and psychological trauma occurs to several of us, and for some it is accepted as a normal part of daily life. If not addressed, this trauma can have many negative side effects. Vegas Strong was established to help facilitate the healing process and to expose the Strong person inside all of us. Our goal is to provide a safe and trusting environment in which the healing process can be fostered.

We need your help! Kindness begins when you initiate an action for the good of another without expecting anything in return. .

Have you ever let someone checkout in front of you because you saw they were in a hurry, or had fewer items than you? Or have you held the door open for someone behind you when entering a building? Let someone in your traffic lane ahead of you? How about sharing a smile with a stranger who was having such a bad day it showed on every inch of their body? Or compliment someone, whether you knew them or not? Have any of these things every happened to you? If so, how did it make you feel? Good, right?.

Every day, everywhere we go we are bombarded with news and it’s rarely good, positive or uplifting. It’s on our TV, internet and social media, text messages, virtually everywhere we turn. Studies have shown that the sensationalism in the new stories that we see and hear generate negative mood experiences and can even have a negative effect on how you interpret events in your own life. We understand there is a need to be educated and to know what is going on in world events. We know that there are good things that happen every day in your community. Our goal is to bring these stories to the world as a reminder that there really is MORE good than bad out there..

Research has shown that completing random acts of kindness can reduce anxiety, cause you to look and feel better through a “Helper’s High” and it is contagious. The reach of kindness is so large that even witnessing kindness is good for you. Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.

We need your help! Have you witnessed a random act of kindness, or have you carried out a RAoK? Let us know about it, we would love to share the story and help encourage others to continue to carry on these acts of kindness.
Email us today! RAoK@vegasstrong.ngo


How we accomplish our goals:See exactly how we accomplish our goals.

  • Step 1. Education and evaluation

    All of our volunteers are screened and complete trauma sensitivity training courses.

  • Step 2. Assess & build trust

    In order to initiate the activities best suited for the individual and provide an environment where you feel safe we start with building a trusting rapport between our members and volunteers/mentors

  • Step 3. Unveil the Strength within

    Through different methods and activities, combined with mentoring and education we unveil the Vegas Strong person within!

The TeamMeet our amazing staff.



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The GoalWorldwide vision. Local impact.

Everyday people of all ages experience traumatic events. These events include natural disasters, mass shootings, being involved in a toxic or abusive relationship, losing a parent, child or other loved one close to you, being bullied and many others.

The severity and length of the experience often determines the amount of damage it does to the individual. We are all individuals, and therefore cope and heal differently.

At Vegas Strong our vision is providea safe, trusting environment to initiate the healing process and guide and support you in your journey finding the Strong person inside you! 


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